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Hi peeps,

I am planning for my first trip to paris, venice, Florence and Rome for about 14 days. My intended plan as below

Sg to paris by air (muli flight/open jaw ccheapest airline)
Paris to venice by easyJet
Venice to Florence by italy rail (advanced tic so cheaper)
Florence to Rome by italirail (advanced tic)
Rome fly back to sing

I wanted to add more cities but worried will be too rush as I want to make way for the high probability of getting lost In a foreign country.
After some calculation I will incurr a cost of approx $3.5k per pax including budget hotels WITHOUT meals.

However after visiting the asa travel fair, I was shocked to see the price of package tour is soooo much cheaper compared to my planning. They even include 4-5stars hotels and meals! On top of that we will get to cover 7 cities instead of 4! This is an irony to me. F&e is always Cheaper when it comes to asiA tour, not when it comes to Europe tour. So I wondered why shd we pay more to do homework and plan when its So cheap to get agency. However I M still torn. I wanted a relaxing tour without being rushed or touch and go. It will be an obvious option if f&e is cheaper. Pls share your views. Thank u!
i prefer F&E tour, when we are on our own in Paris, we can go shopping can go lafaye ,carrefour
the table wine is cheap about sing$2 a bottle.
Beside can also jump from one museum to another as there is an unlimited museum pass
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