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it cost $3408 from GC for sys3 + single split. other brands would have cost at least $4+k.

we use the master room aircon every night, worry if compressor breaks down then we will have no aircon. if master room aircon stands alone and it breaks down, i still can go to other rooms for aircon. is my perception right?
Its gd tat u had thk ahead..i suppose its a hdb flat c..can hv 2 compressor?i no idea...pricing is bro got sys4 mit total cost 4.4k...i myself get sys2 at ard 2k total..ppl generally tends to sceptical abt china prdt quality...n they mostly take safer option buy mit,daikin,toshiba..mostly aircon are jap brands..unless u want to take chance..i din go for those established brand either....lastly do consider the energy savings in long brand full load 1.72 haf load 0.72..

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