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I just got PureVPN.
Anyone have problem watching china site using their china server?
Android accessing Netflix when connected to US server?

I notice they have problems with some of their servers even for other countries When you go
What Is My IP - The IP Address Experts Since 1999 then (More IP information)

It will show 2 different country in IP2Location and IP2AddressLab.
Althought the IP is in China but it says that the controlling agency is in US.
That's why china site will still reject your location.

Does Astrill has this problem?
My story: I had a trial from astrill for 30 days, however there are limited servers due to trial (no china servers) so i ask the customer service to open all servers for trial. the CSO kindly open all servers but in return my trial is reduced to 7 days. in the course of the trial, i experience good speed from china servers(youku, tudou etc) and US (Netflix and Hulu). nearer to the end of 7 days, i hand itchy go and subscribe to purevpn, cos its cheaper (rank higher than astrill in some vpn ranking website) and got one mth subscription compare to astrill (3mths). however i couldnt get the same experience i had with astrill from purevpn. i contacted the cso of purevpn but wasnt very helpful. yes the speedtest for china server is giving me good speed, but i can't get a smooth stream for HD content at youku and tudou, which i'm able to do so with astrill. and they couldnt give me a full refund due to the fact that speedtest shows good results and i have used quite an amount of bandwidth due to my testing of the server. in the end, i subscribe to astrill 3mths contract and leave the purevpn idling.
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