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Eh nope... unfortunately Mediacorp has currently no plans to broadcast the digital signals through the cable network that was built into all homes. For whatever reasons. But I suspect it is to ensure that FTA remains as that. But it's really irritating cos we're going back to the Stone Age with wires and antennas all over the place, one unit for every TV you have.

I have no idea why. The thing is if you subscribe to Starhub pay TV then you do not need the antenna. Which means that Starhub is obliged to carry the FTA signals for all pay-TV customers. Which then means that there are no technical restrictions. Which also means it is basically a commercial decision. And that also means that if MDA mandates that all signals must be carried through the cable network, then it will be possible. So who knows who made the stupid decision not to mandate that the signals be carried through the cable network or through the fibre network.
actually even if they don't wana use cable for the moment, since the master antenna is there, and they like antenna so much, why can't just use that and need every household to buy own antenna .... really is very jialat
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