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Hi guys..

Came upon this thread and its nice to know Singaporeans are keen on doing this as I met alot of pple doing working holidays in NZ and none of them are from Singapore! anw after hearing their sharing and stories it really kinda tempted me, and Im really interested in going for a working holiday in NZ while im still within the age requirement!

Actually been in NZ 2 mths ago for a 1 mth trip and I really kinda like the lifestyle there and would like to experience working and travelling at the same time. Planning to do a working holiday over there next year!

Anyone planning to do so next year too? Maybe we can do it together? haha..

And also, anyone know if its possible to do working holiday in other countries as well, australia for eg?? I only know singapore allows NZ but not other countries? But im sure there are ways rite?

Thanks and Cheers!
Hi, I'm interested in the trip and looking for a buddy as well. Feel free to update me with your plans
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