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Thanks. It is the 6% that is capped at $60. Anything beyond $1k online spend will earn 0.5%.

BTW, is direct credit card at MS considered online spend? Or need to charge to PayPal to consider online spend. Problem is PayPal post date may be a few days difference. If not in time, Will also affect my 360 account's interests.

If not, Will play safe and charge $500 first and just earn $30 rebate from the surface.
Hi there!

I'm afraid it depends on how Masterpass & Paypal codes their transactions with us. When you charge your card with MS & Paypal, the merchant decides whether to code it as an online transaction or not

If you've done a purchase with MS before using one of your OCBC credit cards, we can always do a check for you.

We will do our best to respond to your posts as quickly as we can. However, outside of office hours and for urgent matters, please call 1800 363 3333.

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