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A Few Random Ideas For Singapore's Economic Future

(BTW this is my first post. I didn't see an introductions forum)


A Few Random Ideas For Singapore's Future Economy.

Hey Hardwarezone/Singapore,

I heard a couple of people were discussing my blog on this site. I've
only spent a couple of weeks in Singapore, so I'm far from an expert.
But I lived in London most of my life, and spent some time in Hong

London, Singapore, Hong Kong.

All hyper expensive city states (H.E.C.S.) with large immigrant underclasses. The social strains are similar. This essay could work in HK or London just the same.

Social problems are similar in all fortress economies:

i) Severely overcrowded population with infrastructure barely meeting
the demands of the populace (cramped public transport, no affordable
healthcare etc);
ii) Tensions between "citizens" and foreigners -- severe lack of integration;
iii) Lack of communcaition between policy makers and the citizenry,
between policy makers and folks on the ground like social and health


New Revenue Streams

I won't bore people with a long expatriate beer fuelled socio-economic essay. I just want to show young people some interesting grassroots technology. Ideas that might indirectly solve a few social tensions over the coming decades.

This short essay is taken from a collection of longer essays. I cut it right down.


Future Grassroots Technology

Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Fog Collectors, Liposomal Vitamin C, Vertical
Axis MagLev Wind Turbines, Magnesium Oil, Low Tech Vertical
Farms.....and more. Over 50 underreported technologies at last count.

A lot of these ideas can cost less than one hundred US dollars to set up.

[Sorry, no links, I don't have enough post count!]


Hyper Expensive City States

I believe cities like London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo will only
find economic peace if they help other regions raise their standards
of living. This seems to be both a karmic situation and stark economic fact.

If H.E.C.S fortress states don't turn outward, internal income disparity will increase, immigration will get out of hand, politicians and the electorate will become increasingly estranged, and these economic fortresses will end up cannibalizing themselves. I saw it myself in London and HK.


Cram All This Cool Technology Under One Roof

All of my writing can be boiled down to six ultra-simple aggregative businesses:

1) A Solution Supermarket.
2) A Solution Wholesaler.
3) A Solution Media Hub.
4) A Solution Online Store.
5) A Solution Wiki + Forum.
6) A Solution School.

The ideas are already out there, somewhere. Why are we researching franken bio-tech when simple hydroponics, aquaponics and solar dehydration can make massive inroads to agricultural stability? K.I.S.S. Keep it Simple.

It comes down to PRODUCTS.

The following list of products may not be directly applicable to modern
Singapore high rise housing, but they might work a charm in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China, the Philippines and other minority cultures represented
in SIN, HK and London.

Vast revenue streams are waiting for early
movers and agile entrepreneurs.

A cute throwaway idea like a handcranked light in SIN, is a godsend to a kerosene dependent family in the mountains of Indonesia. Likewise, Fog collectors, mag lev wind turbines and individual packets of Liposome coated Vitamin C could drastically raise standards of living somewhere.

No one is talking about this stuff. Why?


What is a Solution Supermarket?

I want to be able to walk into a warehouse and find aisles full of
simple, mindblowing solutions:

Shelves Crammed With Products That Fix Problems.

One Global Problem Per Aisle

Seven Sections/Aisles:

1. Water.
2. Agriculture.
3. Nutrition.
4. Anti-Pollution Technology.
5. Finance.
6. Cafe.
7. Grassroots Live Knowledge Market.


1. Water:

Lifesaver bottles.
Iodine purification kits.
Ozone machines,
Charcoal filters.
Ultraviolet water treatment pens.
Bicycle water filters.
Sand Filters.


2. Agriculture:

100 dollar vertical farm kits.
Modular solar dehydration kits.
Non-GMO rapid growth seed kits.
Sprout farms.
Growing guides.


3. Nutrition:

i) No toxic fillers. ii) No bulk bottles.

Individually wrapped sachets of high
quality minerals and vitamins:

Liposomal Vitamin C
Magnesium Oil
Nascent Iodine


4. Anti-Pollution Technology

Mag-lev wind turbine kits.
Low priced solar chargers.
Bicycle chargers.
Hand Cranked Lights.
Hand Cranked Radios.


5. Finance:

Live consultants and classes, or books and how to guides:

Crowdfunding Consultants.
Crowdfunding Classes.
Small Business advisors.


6. Cafe

Meet other changemakers.


7. Grassroots Live Knowledge Market:

New customers will have 100 questions:

Wait, how do I sell this stuff?
What are the licensing laws in my state?
Can Alfalfa grow in subtropical villages?
How can people on a dollar a day afford any of this?

Rows of Grassroots Consultants

Charging per 15 minutes. Sit down, ask and learn.
Freelancers pay 10 per cent of their takings to the house.


Hey Laowai! Wind-Turbines and Rooftop Gardens Are Useless in Singapore

We can't use wind turbines, fog collectors and roofgardens.


I know hyper-expensive city states (H.E.C.S.) won't make a dent in
their gluttonous energy, food and water consumption with a few fog collectors and portable solar panels.

That's not the point.

Again, 90 percent of the world has much more modest needs:


Most households will be drastically improved with a couple of light
bulbs and a smartphone charger.


Water, half the world still dreams of a couple of liters of drinkable
water per day.


Food, solar preservation and other simple technologies would make a
massive difference to food spoilage.


Problem Solvers Make Money

Basic needs problems abound in all directions: N,S,E and W. People are lost.

H.E.C.S. can provide leadership, and innovate new revenue streams:

1. Education
2. Media
3. Consulting
4. Wholesale
5. Research and Development
6. Selling Products
7. Conferences

Education: Conducting lessons through Skype, Mp3 and in private classes.

Media: Syndicated articles and audio broadcasts, localised in dozens
of languages.

Consulting: From the grassroots to corporate level, this technology is
new, exciting, and overwhelming. Everyone is way out of their depth.

Wholesale: Organising large scale batch deliveries of 100 types of technologies.

Research and Development: How can solar dehydrated food be kept bacteria free? How can you make a mag-lev VAWT out of salvagable parts?

Selling Products: Connect buyers and sellers without shipping through Singapore. Maintain customers with excellent sales staff, support, localized translation and educational videos.

Conferences: Network, drink, enjoy. A regional hub? Education, media and wholesale is the way forward.


Work with Immigrants.

I've read plenty of articles about social tensions in HK, SIN and London. I stayed in Little India a while back. IMO, there's a good side to living in a multi-ethnic melting pot. You can get hold of someone from any country in the world in 15 minutes. Maybe the immigrants who do all the dirty jobs no one wants to do, will end up as translators, local advisors and wholesale clerks. Who cares if their English is scrappy? They can learn. There's a wealth of knowledge to be picked up from these people. Today's street cleaner is tomorrows hydroponic cashier.

It's got to be better than steel cage ethnic tensions. Again, I saw this in London. Maybe I'm naive, but H.E.C.S have an ability to transform and shift quickly, given the right plan. Look what Raffles did in a few short stays.

I've kept this short. I tend to ramble. If anyone's interested, I can write more.

*Please tell me how to improve this article. I don't want to bowl in and look like I have all the solutions. I don't. I'm clueless in many areas, like law, science and languages. If you give me honest feedback, we can improve this essay together.*

Nice meeting you all, and please tell me what you think.



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