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I see..

But from the FAQ extracted on link, it stated that once completed the 10 IPT sessions is consider as clearing the requirement, so was confused..

"With effect from 1 Sep 2014, NSmen will be given 12 months to attempt and pass their IPPT. Alternatively, NSmen that require help can volunteer for a 10-session IPPT Preparatory Training (IPT). NSmen who pass their IPPT or complete IPT will proceed to either IPPT or IPT in their next 12-month birthday window. NSmen who fail or default IPPT or IPT will be subject to Remedial Training (RT). They will be required to complete their RT programme within their subsequent 12-month birthday windows. NSmen who volunteer for IPT will be considered to have met their IPPT requirement for the year if they (1) meet their Personal Performance Targets (PPT) at any point in the programme; or (2) complete 10 sessions of IPT within their birthday window. NSmen on IPT are advised to attend training at least once a week continuously for 10 sessions to obtain the benefits of the training regime."

can i get the link to this text coz i wana to see it myself. i am supposed to start RT tomorrow but I already completed 10 sessions IPT in March and failed. Duno if I still need to do RT now if like this.
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