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i just brought AverMedia AVerTV Hybrid Volar T2 (AVerMedia AVerTV Global - TV Tuners, Live IPTV Streaming Encoder, Video Capture Card, Media Player and Multimedia Products - AVerTV Hybrid Volar T2)

can receive all those dvb-t2 channels? scan here scan there like nothing leh.
1) Your DVB-T2 card MUST connect to an external antenna to receive DVB-T2 signals for now. YOU CANNOT CONNECT YOUR DVB-T2 CARD TO YOUR SCV POINT AND EXPECT TO RECEIVE DVB-T2 SIGNALS!

SCV Point looks like this:

MATV Point looks like this:

A lot of the MATV points got disabled when SCV rolled out cabling in Singapore over 20 years ago. HDB is also no longer maintaining the MATV points so your best bet is still using a DIY antenna.

2) DVB-T2 signals are not available islandwide now and are only available at certain places. Refer to this map:

3) The other 2 ways you can receive DVB-T2 channels are:
- Subscribe to Singtel MiOTV
- Subscribe to Starhub Cable TV

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