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Yes.. in media bridging mode, the 2nd router connect via Wifi to the main router just like a 'wireless cable' in between the 2 routers. In the 2nd router that connects as a wireless bridge, only LAN ports and USB ports can be used.

Wireless AP is provided by the main router.

However, I am not sure if this combo work:
Main Router == wireless == Media Bridge -- wired -- Wireless Repeater
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May i phrase it in this manner, which i think it's might be possible

Main Router == wireless 5GHz == Media Bridge *Secondary Router -- wired -- 3rd router (in wireless router mode) with WiFi enabled.

Kinda like cascading the routers with wireless 5GHz in between on the same subnet with main router on reserve IP range doing the DHCP, NAT etc while the 3rd router with assigned IP with DHCP off.
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