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just to get some idea.

How much will the EA-AC87 cost? If not too far. May just get 2 RT-AC87.

THanks all for the explanation of wat the EA-AC87 can do.

Im worried that i cant get full speed of the 5Ghz speed. As the internet point and the router will be placed at a far end corner in the hall. Then the other client router will be placed inside the far end of the room with wooden door closed. House size is a 5 room hdb flat 130m-sq.

So its a bit of distance and not in full direct signal with door and wall.
You want to draw a picture how the 2 router are placed? and the physical distance between them?

I have similar setup:
1Gbps Fibre ONT => AC68U wireless router mode (at living room TV point) ==> 5Ghz Wireless Bridge ==> 2nd AC68U media bridge mode (just in front of bedroom doors in living room, with direct point-of-sight to 1st router and <5m distance) ==> GB LAN port wired (structural cabling during renovation) into bedroom PC desktop.

Current throughput for Room PC is 500-650Mbps internet.

Someone may ask: Why don't I just connect physical cables to 1st router?
(1.) Ugly cables that are not structure planned for a 10 year old house. Can't take out ceiling just to do this.
(2.) My 'network area' is at the 2nd router area where all telephony and previous Cable Modem are installed. Structure Cabling from all rooms are centrally connected to this location.
(3.) I want the Fibre TP to end at Living Room TV area - for future Internet-of-Anything, with 'Internet' entertainment in mind.
(4.) Wireless Bridge is the only effective way to do it, with money investment. Money cannot buy everything, but with technology advancement, soon it can pass consumer 1Gbps wired speed, which is sufficient to do anything in consumer world.

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