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That means 7 早 8 早 must go queue and buy, cos its like a hot cake. Wait until sunday sure no stock..
I just hope distri bring in sufficient stocks.

its a SGD 399 premium consumer network equipment - not hello kitty or mac leh. Hope no long queues in a sardine-packed IT show!!
Definitely will be limited, demand way way over supply if you guys have been following AC87R/U smallnetbuilder postings. No other regions are retailing as yet besides US.

If you are not in a rush to get it or wants to wait for the firmware to be more stable. don't need to come to COMEX and squeeze with the crowd and wait for the next or subsequent shipments.

If one is wondering if the AC87U is stable for day to day use. i will say 100% yes. Things like stable Internet connectivity without frequent disconnections, AiProtection, DDNS, VPN server, OpenVPN, CTF1/CTF2 NAT, NAT loopback, access point, media bridging etc.

Unless one is turn off by the syslog got spammed with kernel: br0: received packet on vlan1 with own address as source address, Dead loop on virtual device vlan2, fix it urgently!" (ASUS will be addressing this in the next firmware update), MU-MIMO (MU-MINO isn't be enabled as yet as there isn't any MU-MIMO clients until the arrival of the ASUS EA-87)

Don't take my word for it, just feel free to jump into the smallnetbuilder forums to read about the ASUS RT-87U.

US peeps already got their ASUS RT-87R fix more than one month ago.

ASUS AC Routers & Adapters - SmallNetBuilder Forums

Some of the comments ~

The performance isn't terrible. It's just not what it's going to be yet.

With early firmware, I found performance to be equal or better to the RT-AC66R I owned prior to this, with the one caveat that Tim described: radios disabling occasionally for no reason --or at least, maybe not disabling, but losing WAN access. I also would argue there is no "cheating" here --cheating would be a new firmware that actually makes performance look better than reality (e.g., manipulating Speedtest scores, or falsifying its SSI). Bug-fixing is not "cheating", it is bug-fixing and improving functionality.

Gary of ASUS (this is public in the forums already) provided everyone with a link for the 2061 firmware (up from the original 1179 and then the 2044 update) which has the Quantenna performance driver in it. I have seen improvements in a short period of time with this update. I wouldn't say that firmware is anywhere near its peak yet, but the unit is noticeably better than it was a week and a half ago.

SmallNetBuilder Forums - View Single Post - ASUS RT-AC87 Firmware - Official Releases

If you've already got an RT-AC68U/R model, I'd probably wait. You've got a dual-core CPU that supports OpenVPN client/server options reasonably well (which caused a fair drop in the lower-clocked single-core RT-AC66U/R's performance). If you don't, and your budget is flexible, I'd probably go with the 87, at least if you plan on running VPN, as support is developing quite rapidly (faster than any router I've owned before) and you get the best CPU performance of any ASUS model available, with more to come as the firmware reaches maturity.
The rate ASUS is pumping out the firmware releases is simply

Update -
I am hoping to have another public beta release based on the 2381 firmware next week. At this point I would expect the next supported public firmware release in early September, maybe earlier.
ASUS SG/TW Networking Tester

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