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It's not about selling to the poor, but empowering them. It doesn't make sense to be one of the 1% super rich selling to the 99% poor. The poor would be so hard up to eke out a living that they wouldn't have the free time and space to do improve their standards of living.

To do this we must improve productivity. It is not about working longer hours for lower pay. We must work shorter hours for higher pay. It must be because of the technological tools that we are provided with, and the expertise in which we are trained to wield them.

First, there is a huge potential market in the poor. They are too poor to buy the Iphones or the note 3s, but some of them can afford the redmi or the nokia standard phones. It drives their revenue...

Second, we have a large underclass here too. Look at the FWs in the dorms in Jurong/Boonlay. or those picking up cardboards or drink cans in HDB estates.

Yes. Focus on one thing at a time.

The problem is... Why sell to the poor when one sale to the rich is more than 100 sales to the poor? This is why Sentosa cove and other condos are built when there is not enough 1 or 2 room housing for the poor.
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