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Some zealous other vendors' fanboy got flamed ....

I would hold out buying RT-AC87U/R because it actually sucks on 5Ghz.

Keep an eye on new round of Wave 2 ac routers which will be released this fall. ASUS themselves might release a new improved RT-AC3200 with 6 antennas.

Next year, we will be able to play Game of thrones with our routers
Do you actually own a RT-AC87 at all?????

I do not think you do.....

I have owned RT-AC66R, RT-AC68R and now the RT-AC87R and I can tell you for a FACT that the RT-AC87R has hands down the best coverage of all!! I now have 5GHz all over my house and very useable in areas where the others could not even reach. And I noticed sluggishness in the older 2 while doing multiple things at once and now I notice nothing with the RT-AC87R.

I also have read that the 3200's will not have the range in 5ghz that the RT-AC87's have.

Unless I am reading something wrong, please let me know?

from here

(Below is my opinion)
Everything I have read makes me believe the RT-AC87R will be the better of the 2 for most people.

edit: current firmware is pretty good also compared to months after the RT-AC68R took.
using merlin's alfa. So far not a problem on the alfa for me.
I'm also going to ask the same question as another poster --have you owned or worked with an RT-AC87? Your statement also appears very undefined. Does 5GHz throughput "suck"? Range? What?

I ask because while earlier firmwares had some 5GHz issues, it works fairly well on the 2061 firmware, and I've had better 5GHz range and performance than on my previous RT-AC66. I believe this will only improve with time as new firmwares are released with tweaked Quantenna drivers. Is it perfect? No. Does it suck on 5GHz? Not even close.
I am also impressed with the RT-AC87R. Where I was only receiving marginal 5G networking around the edges of my home I am now seeing full coverage. And a big in the back yard now. Can't wait to see what the new drivers do for it.
The 376.46 Alpha build I uploaded a few days ago is based on the new driver Asus used in 376_2061.
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