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Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm busy translating into Mandarin right now.

Focus on one issue at a time instead of 100s at once.

It is one thing to suggest ideas, but the engineering effort to make it realizable with the amount of resources we have at hand is orders of magnitude larger.

In any case, I don't really support the idea of spending our tax dollars to do R+D that benefit poor nations - we have big urgent problem ourselves, such as MRT breakdowns, 2 day hospital waits at the corridor to solve.

I would rather solve these problems first.
I understand it's a pretty dense post, but I wanted people to get the whole picture. You're welcome to go to my website and look at the essays in detail.

I can't post links yet...

You won't be spending your tax dollars to do R + D for poorer countries.

1) This isn't about reallocating tax dollars, it's about stimulating entrepreneurs and ethical start-ups, and generating income. Education and media are vital first steps for any Renaissance.

2) The R + D has already been 95 per cent done. These ideas have been sitting there for ages. Hydroponics, cayenne and Pauling therapy for heart disease, Fog collectors, Maglev VAWTS and so much more...


I can't do anything about your MRT problem.

2 Day Hospital Waits

The typical politician's solution, throwing money at the problem won't do anything. It didn't in London, I don't see why it should in SIN.

Did you know there's a wave of preventative healthcare that has been ignored by the mainstream media? Case in point, Linus Pauling Therapy for heart disease. It was discovered decades ago by twice Nobel prize winner Pauling, but has been ignored for financial reasons. Same with Budwig therapy.

If you wait for the corporations to solve your health problems you'll be waiting a very long time. But if you study the human body, you might be able to catch illnesses before they become serious. For example, there are serious debates over Iodine therapy now. A growing wave of practitioners are recognizing it's value in solving many health issues. It saved me from serious heart disease.

I wrote a 1 page micro article called "6 Doctors for a Medical Revolution" it's on Medium now. Focusing on 6 qualified doctors who've solved many health problems, and who've been ignored.

If anyone out there is proactive enough, that small essay can be a jumping off point to a year of grassroots public research.

It's up to people to decide whether the doctors I wrote about are quacks or geniuses. They are all very qualified, but the mainstream media has nothing but scorn for them. Do you trust the MSM? Everyone has to do their own research and make up their own mind. I won't force anything on anyone.


Please feel free to ask me any specific questions, and I'll do my best to respond. I don't have all the answers, but I can normally try and point people in the right direction.

There will be a book coming out in a couple of months. It'll be on Telos publishing. These materials have a lot of sponsorship.

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