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May I know if the AC 87U setup pages come with Singtel Fibre presets installed already just like AC 68U?
Advanced settings-LAN-IPTV-Port-select ISP Profile-

Yes, the AC87U Quick Internet Setup is the same like AC68U and all ASUS routers SKUs has SingTel Fiber profile.

Before you setup the router, do remember to change the CTF2 (factory default) to CTF1 and apply first (important), before selecting the SIngTel VLAN profile in order for the AC87U to work.

I have tested it pretty extensively (both on my SingTel and Viewqwest Fibee since Merlin and i have gotten our AC87U way before it first appears @ US Best Buy (AC87R). ASUS TW RD has concurred the my findings together with Broadcom.

Yes it does. If you have miotv, CTF2 will not work like what maylyn answered my question a few posts down. The rest should be the same as ac68u..
It's the not MioTV ah .... lol it's the VLAN tag that doesn't allow CTF2 to be used. (there are quite a bit of VLAN structures implementation within the AC87U that might cause of it, so long story short) i do have Mio TV at home and i do away with SingTel VLAN tagging onto my smart switch so i don't need to select SingTel profile on the AC87 as posted on the first page shown here.

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