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Landed , then I suggest you check around your house how well you want your house to be fully connected at which angle, which floor, and whether it is still possible to do structural cabling in your house.

Have you designate a network hub area? If so, you can start thinking of laying structural cabling with at least cat6 to all intended points around the house.

Fibre Termination point -- Router -- GB Switch (if need >4 GB ports) -- structural cabling -- each LAN port -- equipment or Access Point w switch -- equipment via wifi

Or you can do:

Fibre TP -- Asus ac87u/ac68u router -- 5Ghz wireless bridge -- 2nd ac87u/ac68u router in media bridge -- structural cabling -- each LAN port -- ...

Note 5Ghz is degradable with distance and obstacles from the 1st wireless router.
Laying internet cables around my house would be troublesome and expensive. So if I bridge, the bridge router won't give out any wifi signal? So it doesn't matter if I get ac68u and ac87u as there won't be any difference in terms of the wifi coverage rite? Thanks guys for the much appreciated advice! 😊
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