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For those who pre-ordered online from the MS store, we can still buy the Grab And Go Pack. Saw this on FB.

We will allow customers who pre-ordered from the MS Online Store to be eligible for the "Grab and Go" pack (consisting of Office 365, Canon Pixma printer and the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse) as well but this is only to be fulfilled at Comex itself. Please follow these steps:

1. Bring your SP3 purchase invoice or proof of purchase from MS Online Store to Comex.
2. At Comex, visit the booths of any of the following retailers: Best Denki, Challenger, Courts Harvey Norman, Newstead to purchase the Grab and Go pack at $145 SRP.
3. Then bring your SP3 proof of purchase and Grab and Go pack to the Microsoft Redemption booth outside Hall 403 to get the $50 instant redemption (it's a shopping voucher).

Not sure if a friend can do it for you. I might not have the time to do it myself.
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