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On the phone with microsoft CS now. Was told still pending tracking number! Probably getting my Surface pro only next week.

Told her how come people who buy later are getting today and she say she is unable to know this and she will check. So now on hold on the phone.Told her that the CS assured me that the surface pro will be sent by today and that was the CS over the live chat yesterday.

Simply ....
Haha...her name is Joyce, she didn't really know about the availability of the stock..was talking to her over the phone yesterday so long and nothing concrete about the stock (quantity) for Comex...she "enticed" me to order from the store citing that it will be the SAFEST and SUREST way to get the Surface Pro 3...I told her I'd rather take my chances and head down to Comex to check out...

LUCKILY I resisted and now I got a better deal compared if I placed an order from the store. Phew!
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