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Just came back from Comex 2014, for those who just want to go and grab a unit...the 3 exclusive retailers, The Challenger, Newstead and Harvey Norman ALL GOT no need to make a last minute pre-order with Microsoft store! I encouraged everyone to get it from Comex instead as you get freebies and even get to spin the wheel - and I just got a $30 Capital Voucher to spend. If you order from the store, there is no such "freebies".

Reached Suntec City at about 12.45pm and the to my expectation, crowd size for day 1 is considered "ok". So you can literally talk to the sales chap for a longer time to bargain for better deals. I got it from Newstead...and there is a bubbly chap who is the "Microsoft Ambassador"...polite and helpful...but a bit Ah-Beng.

Core i7 model will be coming in later in the evening today AFTER 7pm according to the Newstead sales chap that assisted if you want to get the i7 version, you can drop by after work OR to play safe, get it tomorrow afternoon.

So let's dispel the fear that there is no stock...I dun even understand why would anyone want to place a pre-order when you can get it at Comex. Price wise - no change but depending which retailer you go...freebies a bit different.

By the way, the power adaptor cost a bomb! I though I can get a brick for my office but it cost $109 (with GST)...WTF! There's a variety of type 2 covers with different colors as well. I got the matte black version.
eh order from the online store got student discount. 10% is quite significant... unless comex also can get the student discount. then it's a different story
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