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I am still tuning the settings...

Current result from my wired PC at AC87U media bridge on MR 1Gbps plan:

Broke my previous bridge record on AC68U.. but still far from 800-850Mbps.

Noticed that my 5Ghz bridge link hit 1170-1300Mbps but not beyond it. Previously on AC68U was 867-1170Mbps.

Last Result:
Download Speed: 700410 kbps (87551.3 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 475468 kbps (59433.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
Latency: 5 ms
Jitter: 0 ms
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You using Merlin's latest .46 firmware? I saw a thread on this in SNB forum.
Hi Simon,

You should update to RMerlin's AC87U firmware instead. It's consists of the latest Quantenna public 5GHz drivers as mentioned @ the RMerlin's change log and some minor fixes. ASUS 2061 is already considered old.

We are already testing the next subset of Quantenna 5GHz performance closed drivers.

376.46 (26-Aug-2014) This release is only available for the RT-AC87U, to provide a FW release that uses the latest public wifi driver for this new router. - NEW: Merged with Asus GPL 2061. This is essentially the new QTN driver for the AC87. - FIXED: Various webui issues with IE10/IE11 (patch by pinwing) - FIXED: OpenVPN Client page was visible on the RT-N16 - FIXED: DHCP pool validation error on VPN Server advanced page. - FIXED: Couldn't edit the first VPN Client entry due to broken duplicate check (Asus bug)
Here are my two new units. Thanks Maylyn!

No problem Time to enjoy your new toys.

Something that I'm allow to post to tease and wet your guys appetite This is not my highest or final results as yet.

ASUS SG/TW OPBG and Networking Power User

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