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i do find my i7 gets heated up really fast. a simple task like installing a program (like inkscape) , it gets heated up and the fan starts to work overtime...

when doing windows updates, while the updates are downloading (400mb)....within a minute, the temperature shoots up and you can hear the fan blowing quite loudly...

also when i was watching a youtube video, it also gets hotter...from warm.... will continue to monitor

note: the part that is hot is at the right side when in landscape mode.
Yes when updating firmware the fan kicks in and the top right hand corner do feel warm. Not hot lah.

Check your lot number to see whether your SP3 belongs to problem lots as below

Surface Pro 3 tablets hit yet another bump ? i7-equipped units overheat and shut down

Do you think you can help by answering my question in post #3834? Thanks

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