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@kchinbeng Windows rt on Surface 2 is the RT version of windows which doesn't allow executing of .exe files. Which means you can't install mainstream software like Winrar for example. You can only install apps from the windows store in Windows RT. The office software in RT and Pro 3 are the same from what I tried before. But the RT's version is called Office Rt 2013. The one on Pro 3 is what you will find exactly the same in any windows 7/8 computers. I'm no expert on advising but based on what you say, the surface 2 will suffice. Surface Pro 2 only if you don't mind 10 inch screen with full windows 8.1 capabilities. But since you can't find that in Singapore, just go for the Surface Pro 3 i3 version?

Finally fully customised and set-up my my first windows device in 5 years. Ran dota 2 on it quite smoothly! Lol. Btw Chrome's browser scrolling is damn terrible in here!

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