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The curve I have is not super visible, and I will treat it as a new design... serious with all the complain about the service at MS at Jabil who would be able to 1 to 1 exchange another new set due to such cases. What is worse if u receive a refurbished set. This is as good as under cut the value of worth.

If everyone is going for aesthetic, like apple premium product ( they do have alot of problems too if you do not notice go read as well ).

Plus... Its a brand new set hence you not going to keep seeing the curve for 24/7 ? You probably would be playing games and reading book or taking notes. The curve is there yes, but if you think about productivity with this tablet I guess you would be happier. This is my two cents.

Note: To those that are new to this thread, I also pre-ordered mine online from MS Store. and got the i5 256GB, and notice a slight curve.
The touch screen is so thin, there are many reports out there in ms forum saying how it was shattered. If it is warped, the screen certainly will be under pressure to break, sooner or later.
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