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Mine is same as yours, slight curve at the ends. I also worry if you have it exchanged, you might get something worse.
Yeah, it seems to happen in the consumer chain, such as apple product where many complain after changing x number of refurbish the issues get worse.

The recent SP2 which many have done the exchange or repair also get worst. If it's unbroken I rather leave it... as my luck isn't always the best. ( like gambling for a good set and not worst... later get the surface which look like a crescent that would be super crazy )

Anyone can recommend a place for a good customised clear screen protector for the pro 3??
PM me I can tell you where to find it, I just done my screen with matt surface. and temporary added a customized fiber while waiting for mango goods to arrive...

The picture below is for show case of the transparent carbon fibre the workmanship shows. If you look at how thin the carbon fibre to the edge....

Note: I am not promoting... this is my SP3 !!! , my real experience as I need to use this for project scared I scatch it

Guys whats the diff between office say 2013 and office 365? Only thing I know is one is a subscription and the other is like forever..
Office 365 is an online based type of office which allows you to view documents, write documents or create document, with your One Drive. It also comes with a local office 2013 installed on your pc in case you unable to go online.

The great differences comes into play is their subscription model where by when you take the office 365 model plan, you are entitled to use the online solutions and local installed office 2013 at the mercy of your subscription plan. Which means if your plans end like 1 yr, you can no longer use the local office 2013. You will be stuck to read and print documents/ powerpoint and etc. ( Read only mode )

Second differences ( do check the plan as mine is using university I have outlook app / access / publisher in additional to the standard Big 3 common apps like words, powerpoint, excel ) If you buy the local installed office 2013 you need to pay much more for these features.

I think 365 wise u can get ur documents using any terminal as long as u login with ur 365 account. Things are cloud based also. Any experts?
Yes your correct, you are able to use One Drive to create document and edit there. As long as your account is tie with office 365 subscription. Even your portable device such as Apple or Android will also benefits from it.

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