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Hi ASUS@SG / Maylyn or any gurus,

Currently the AC87U is in my study room and the wireless signal in my daughter's room is pretty weak. She's unable to stream videos to her tablet / mobile phone in her room.

Will it help if I were to install the EA-AC87 in her room when it's available so as to boost the wireless signal in her room?

Will the EA-AC87 be able to act as a wireless access point or do I still need to connect another router (I have a spare N66U) to one of it's LAN ports so that she can get strong wireless signal in her room?

Would appreciate any guidance as I've tried many options like powerline adapter, range extender, etc and the signal is still very weak. Laying LAN cable is not an option as it's too far away.

Some basic info: 200Mbps fibre, HDB 4-room.


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