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Thanks dude! Slipped my observation last time. Can 90% confirm that the surface mouse is not available at Comex but the wedge one is.

Not many other Bluetooth 4.0 mice in the market. Most of them are 3.0 which consumes battery power.
Yeah I think its better to let them know rather than all of you go down for the 15% thinking that the surface edition mouse, would be included.

Here's the link for this year Comex 2014 : Microsoft 's brochure for accessories

Guys...lets talk about apps (those you highly recommend) for use with Surface Pro 3. I'm talking about apps, not programs here in case you mixed it up.

What are your recommendation?
Sorry right now the metro apps in windows store is not mature enough for me to go look at it right now, but "media monkey" is not a bad apps for playing music on the go when you SP3 is in sleep mode too. ( I not too sure if background sound will be affected with distortion same as Asus t100 which I heard that windows will not support as the sleep function pushing the apps to close hence might affect the audio playback in sleep mode. I have not tried this on SP3 yet. )

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