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Hi all,

I selected a HDB Unit(BTO) with my dad, cost 270K.
Estimated loan only can take up to 170K.
Cash + CPF currently at 33k.

When must we pay the shortfall of 67k?

If it's during key collection, it won't be a problem.
If it's a few months after hdb selection, hg liao..
Are your HDB loan is final

You need to redo your HLE when collect your keyThis is the final loan you will loan.If still have 3 yrs to collect key and ur salary might increase or have some saving so might able get higher loan

You should try talk to HDB officer how to get higher loan

Assume you have pay downpayment 10%=$27,000.

You need loan=$270,000-$27000=$243,000.
If your cpf OA got 20k so you need loan $223.000.

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