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Guys...lets talk about apps (those you highly recommend) for use with Surface Pro 3. I'm talking about apps, not programs here in case you mixed it up.

Some of the TOP GROSSING apps thus far are:

1) Drawboard PDF (need to pay - trial avail)
2) Adobe Photoshop CC (built from the ground up for Surface Pro 3 users - again not free)
3) Sketchbook Express

The Tapatalk forum is not very "polished" and I'm a big fan of Tapatalk API on Android and iOS devices but Windows version missing some intuitive feature or either that, not well structured or organized. The best I have seen is in iOS environment. Hope the Tapatalk forum app can do something about the Windows app version.

What are your recommendation?
Was gonna type drawboard PDF but U already listed it. I was really impressed by it during the trial so I purchased it. US$6.99 only.

As for the rest... still Googling and trying things out!
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