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Just a thought bros. SP3 has been marketed as a laptop replacement. In the first few days you have received your new toy, have you been using it as a laptop or as a tablet?

For me personally I have been using it as a laptop and I must say I am impressed by its speed (ok, I know it will slow down with time and when more apps and programs are added). my configuration is only i5/128 but I am really happy with it. The typing experience with the type cover is also very satisfactory. What about you?

Still have not found a screen protector though...maybe that's why I am still using it as a laptop
I am using it more of a tablet at home and more of a laptop in my office when I need to find information from the web quickly. So for me the experience in usage is more like 50-50.

Actually I am not sure whether need to get a SP or not...since we have the keyboard type cover to cover the entire screen during transport. And if you think the nib of the stylus is going to cause "unsightly" streaks after prolong use, I doubt so as the material of the nib feels like "runner" than a hard plastic - in the likes of a Galaxy Note passive stylus.

But I would agree that the back of the SP3 has to have some form of protection to prevent scratches.
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