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Just a thought bros. SP3 has been marketed as a laptop replacement. In the first few days you have received your new toy, have you been using it as a laptop or as a tablet?

For me personally I have been using it as a laptop and I must say I am impressed by its speed (ok, I know it will slow down with time and when more apps and programs are added). my configuration is only i5/128 but I am really happy with it. The typing experience with the type cover is also very satisfactory. What about you?

Still have not found a screen protector though...maybe that's why I am still using it as a laptop

So far, I am using it more like a laptop.. The type cover pro is really much better to use than the old type cover..

I am also awaiting for my SP to come first before switching it to be a real tablet mode to read and write on.. Plus I try not to cover type cover keyboard over the screen.. I flip it around instead(the microfiber side of the typecover touch the screen..) Just worried that the keys might cause some micro scratches.

Also using as a laptop, I really hated the connected standby mode.. even if I shutdown, its never really shutdown, it can still wake up in my sleeve/bag while traveling. Once I disable the connected standby, its much better now... also battery life seems to be better (just a feeling only, may not be true) Plus for those who don't want the processor to overheat (like SP1) once connected standby is disable, you will have the maximum processor % to control, so you can limit your i7 or i5 to prevent it from going in to turboboost and overheat... I tried limiting mine to 599Mhz and using it to read PDF still pretty fast.

For those who wants to disable connected standby

Just run Regedit


Change it from 1 to 0

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