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I bought most of mine from Takashimaya at Shinjuku

they have 5% discount if you pay by cash
but the tax refund of 8% will tio jiak 1.5% by Takashimaya

Almost every department store sells Porter
So if paying by card, i suggest not buying from Taka

but for comprehensive collection, you need to visit KURA CHIKA stores
go to Porter website to find the store locations

I didnt buy any from Kura Chika as the ones i want can be found at departmental stores

plus, i'm not sure whether Kura Chika can do tax refund

Kurachika Yoshida def does not offer any tax refund policies in their main stores as prev mentioned by forumer fuzzybear, I can confirm regarding this fact as I was just in Japan earlier during June, and have personally visited the Omotesando main store and also the one in Osaka. Bought some stuffs there and confirmed with the sales representative that there is no 8% tax refund avail.

So far from what I understand since i have been collecting their bags/wallets for a few yrs now, only those stores at Tokyu Hands and selected smaller stores found in various parts of Harajuku got the tax refund, but they may not have the full catalogue of models/series as shown on Kurachika's website which is 吉田カバンホー*ページ | YOSHIDA & CO., LTD. .
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