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Thanks Simon, Andread, ASUS@SG & Dr_ARCHer for your input & suggestion

I've searched around the net and came up with this setup, not sure if it will work. Hope to get some guidance from the gurus here.

Bridging N66U (secondary router) to AC87U (main router) via Ethernet cable :

1. Connect N66U LAN port to PC LAN port
2. Change N66U IP from to
3. Save settings
4. Login to N66U via
5. Untick DHCP
6. Assign new 2.4Ghz & 5GHz SSID for N66U (do I need to assign new SSIDs or can I use the same SSIDs as AC87U?)
7. Unplug N66U from PC
8. Connect N66U LAN Port to AC87U LAN Port
9. Place N66U in Living Room while AC87U remain in Bedroom 2

Will my daughter's (Bedroom 3) get stronger coverage now?

Here's the layout again for easy reference. Thanks much guys

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