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The free market will solve all the problems if government do not hinder it.

Take for example the problem of peak hour pack-like-sardines buses and bus-stops.
If the market is free, an enterprising business-owner will see the demand is high for certain routes at certain times and ply the routes with his own bus.
But currently need to get license, get approval, go through government process... it is just not worth it.
I can see there's not much interest here so I won't force this stuff on anyone. I was told there were some people enthusiastically discussing my writing in SIN, but when I asked for the website my contact would only give me this site, (after three weeks of me asking her, and numerous vague answers) and there's no discussion here at all. Shrug.

I understand that bus routes are licensed, but products like water filters, nutrients, hydroponics etc are sold on ebay all the time. I can't solve everything, but I left some info that *if you followed it up* could dramatically lower the incidence of heart disease worldwide. That has to be a good start.

I might leave one more article, but I decided to focus on China and Indonesia for now. I mentioned an essay about 6 doctors that could radically transform your preventative health care but there's no real enthusiasm, so I won't push it. I'm a volunteer with little free time.

If you go to Medium and look for "Six Doctors for a Medical Revolution." you can find it.

Next time you hear of someone who has heart disease, remember a cure from a Nobel Prize winner has been in the public domain for decades, but no one bothers to research it or follow it up. That's a free will choice.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, I'll be sure to focus on one topic at a time in future.


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