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Just a interesting question:

If I replace all 8 of my AC87U antennas with +9dB, +12dB and +15dB ones (there are some selling in Amazon), will it max the 5Ghz wireless bridge to hit close to 1Gbps cap?

Any way to order these, seems didn't see them on retail stores.
Read that the AC87U antenna is specially designed. SO izzit wise to change them?

I may wanna change too as my signal strength is not strong enough to get to my room.
I just ordered 9dBi antenna last week from superpowersupply so if can wait I will share my review once it's here.

Anyway I guess so many how special the design is it's still 5dBi antenna and it got its own limit so I still go ahead with my order. If not happy with 9dBi maybe will try 15dBi.
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