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Since its coming next week, anyone here gunning for it as a DAP and or transport?

Share your views. I for one will likely get it.
The iPhone may be a decent DAP but I won't have any idea until I get one and listen to it, so I will just share my thoughts on using it as a transport since I've given it alot of thoughts.

IMO, Android phones will make better transports compared to iPhones for 1 simple reason: The micro USB port vs the lightning port.

Both Android phones and iPhones can output music as digital signals via their respective ports to a DAC+Amp (For now on Android phones you need to do it via an app as this function is not natively supported, but it will be on Android L).

However, Apple controls the production of 3rd part lightning-USB cables really strictly and as a result, there isn't any short cables. You can look at this link from JDS Lab for more details. If you look at their photos, you can see that the iPhone rig isn't really portable.

For Android phones, there are more cable options and I bought a right angled miniUSB to right angle microUSB which will allow me to stack my android phone on my dac/amp, giving me a compact rig.
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