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This thread has helped me prepare a lot so I thought I'd share as well.

Here's my process/timeline.
20th august - apply online (then applied again on 4 sept cause I was restless haha)
4 sept - received email to submit docs
8 sept - submit docs. (No interview really, just ask questions based on your form to verify you wrote correctly)
9 sep - received email to come down for interview
11 sept - interview

I'm a pretty shy, considered introverted, person so I made sure to prepare myself for the interview.
They ask me to introduce myself and why I applied to ica.
I started by mentioning that my father's friend works at ica and told me about it and then kena shoot lol. Like what did he tell me about it that made me want to apply. They will question all your replies. Whatever you say will be used against you basically. Just be confident in what you say and be receptive to whatever the interviewer tells you. They really ask me about why I wanna apply and the reasons so I think you should really prepare for this question. I didn't even get to talk about myself cause she focus on the ica thing.
Then they ask if I have any questions and I asked her what are the challenges of the job and she was like, you dont know the challenges??? I said I meant from her personal view but she turned it around and ask me what I think will be the challenges. Just smile and answer haha.
I also asked about the 8 week training which should be a safe won't be kena shoot question.
Honestly I was smiling a lot during the interview and quite enjoyed myself. It was fun haha. Like a debate. Just keep an open mind and don't stress about it.
Then again, I may think I did fine but who knows how they feel. Fingers crossed.
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