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Hmmm ultimately how the DAC sounds like and performs boil down to the design of the circuitry and other components

Take a look at iBasso D10 and Headamp Pico...both use the same (or at least same family) of chips yet they don't share similar signatures nor sound quality
The difference between Ibasso and headamp pico is more due to the output capacitors:


ibasso dzero

which the situation is even more complex for DACs:

There's so many factors that affect the final sound:

1)Power Supply: Noise Filter/Rejection, Stability, Transient Response Time
2)USB/Input receiver implementation, Jitter Rejection
3)Master clock
4)DAC Chip
5)Brickwall/Analog/Digital Filtering
6)Output Circuitry topology/Opamps/capacitors.

video on same topic:

Audio Jitter is machiam like the hand reaction of the conductor of a symphony. If the violin comes a few picosecond later, it won't sound right to the discerning classical music lover.

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