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There's still alot of mystery behind jitter like why or how it happens.

Athough now we have come to a point where there's an atomic clock for audio purposes:

10M Rubidium atomic clock | Antelope Audio Blog

Things will keep changing for the better or worse.

We went from Vinyl to Tapes to CDs to SACD to Mp3 to AAC to DSD128/256/512

I agree that audio is like food. Some may like the sound from their television speakers more than the sound that's coming out from a 20k home theater.

Just like any other hobbies like photography or cars, there's no such thing as a perfect camera or a perfect car.

We as humans is always thinking of ways to build/buy a better mousetrap.

As I am upgrading my equipment to a higher tier, I am hearing more details in my music that wasn't noticeable before, sometimes it's for the better, sometimes it's for the worse. Too much detail/resolution/accuracy isn't necessary a good thing.

Ignorance is bliss like they say, especially in this hobby where there's no end to "upgrading".

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