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As I am upgrading my equipment to a higher tier, I am hearing more details in my music that wasn't noticeable before, sometimes it's for the better, sometimes it's for the worse. Too much detail/resolution/accuracy isn't necessary a good thing.
Mysteries I'm talking about are something far fetched.. something along the lines of why turning on or off my unused power sockets (with nothing attached) in the audio room will affect the sound, even when I'm on a dedicated line (I actually have 3 for my hifi).

I have tried clocks and again, doesn't mean better.. guess what, even what cable you use for the clocking also changes the sound.

As for details - I think more is better. I feel the issue is whether the sound is balanced when you elevate one characteristic.. it's just like you added a bit more salt in your food, you may need to adjust the blend of spices so it doesn't taste too salty.

Similarly, since you mention camera, hobbyists often focus too much on the camera/lens and not enough on how to take a great photograph. What captures life is not just determined by a great camera/lens.. just like in hifi, while a equipment can be really good in the lab or measure well, at anyone else's place, it will sound totally different.


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