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I am being asked to answer a charge for defaulting IPPT for my last 9-month window, this is the first time being charged.

I understand that 1st and 2nd time default is fine, 3rd times onwards is DB.

How does the system works? Is it the moment you default, then the system sends you a letter right away ? or you default a few times first, then after a few times, the system catches you? I have been doing a steady stream of RT all the while but can't remember if I did take IPPT during the 9-month window for the past.

On another note, is it a must to go to answer the charge if I am being called up to answer the charge during ICT? (I am in ICT such thing as being double-charged?

The only thing I know for sure is that this is the first time I am being summoned to CMPB to answer a charge.

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