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I disagree on the issue that Audio GD should be avoided. My own experience with their Compass 2 and the discontinued 'FUN' model left me largely impressed at its SQ. The Compass 2 is an excellent DAC/AMP hybrid which I would highly recommend for a mid range "all in 1" box. Aesthetics wise of course it doesn't look appealing, but Audio GD is a fully discrete system with Qing Hwa designing each model on his own as opposed to just filling in OPamps and hoping listeners can't tell the difference (Dark Star )

Granted, I have not heard his "Diamond Difference output" stage on the master series but he is extremely transparent on his designs and allow them in full view on his website. So as long as anyone with at least an engineering background could "decipher" his products. You don't get that very often.

So what if he produces a billion products a year? As long as it gets better each time, why not? If you purchase a product, obviously its going to depreciate and have an "upgrade" sooner or later.

Then again I'm pretty happy with my Uber'd Bifrost. It's serving well and extremely enjoyable each time. Music is all about listening pleasure, after all, not the technological "my rig is more expensive than yours" chase.

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