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shops have to earn..
if you want cheap R1 disc buy from Amazon.. $10-20 bucks cheaper

hi guys, don't mind a noob question, can i ask if there're any drawbacks if i buy a game off the digital store as opposed to buying a physical copy from the shop?

For example, the qisahn sells last of us remastered at 58 but the digital version on the store is slightly cheaper -!/en-sg/games/the-last-of-us-remastered-full-game/cid=HP9000-CUSA00559_00-THELASTOFUS00000?smcid=sg-en_ps:com_TheLastofUsRemastered-ps4-detail-page_buy-button

Is the the price difference due to the fact that i can sell off the physical copy of the game second hand but the digital copy is locked to my account?

thanks very much!

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