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Hi everyone

I finish my IPT-IPPT (total 10 sessions) on 23/8/2014 but didn't meet the PPT.

Last time say can book RT one month in advance so on 10/9/2014 i kiasu so quickly log in ns portal try to book my RT sessions but the book RT button is greyed out and i see the following message :

Under the new IPPT management system, your current IPPT window has been extended to 9 Jan 2015.

You have COMPLETED your IPT for the period from 10 Jan 2014 to 9 Jan 2015.

You have met your IPPT/IPT requirements for your current birthday window. You can continue to improve your results until 9 Jan 2015.

Means what har? means i no need book RT liao? so when my 2015 open next year from 10 jan 2015 onwards, i need book RT x 8 sessions anot??
Enhancements to NS IPPT Management & Training System - News -

NSmen who volunteer for IPT will be considered to have met their IPPT requirement for the year if they (1) meet their Personal Performance Targets (PPT) at any point in the programme; or (2) complete 10 sessions of IPT within their birthday window. NSmen on IPT are advised to attend training at least once a week continuously for 10 sessions to obtain the benefits of the training regime.
It should mean that in the current window, completing IPT = meet current year obligation = no RT in next window = choose between IPPT or IPT in the next window.
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