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Hi everyone

I finish my IPT-IPPT (total 10 sessions) on 23/8/2014 but didn't meet the PPT.

Last time say can book RT one month in advance so on 10/9/2014 i kiasu so quickly log in ns portal try to book my RT sessions but the book RT button is greyed out and i see the following message :

Under the new IPPT management system, your current IPPT window has been extended to 9 Jan 2015.

You have COMPLETED your IPT for the period from 10 Jan 2014 to 9 Jan 2015.

You have met your IPPT/IPT requirements for your current birthday window. You can continue to improve your results until 9 Jan 2015.

Means what har? means i no need book RT liao? so when my 2015 open next year from 10 jan 2015 onwards, i need book RT x 8 sessions anot??
means no need book RT.

from 10 jan 2015 onwards, new window open, can book ippt and ipt.
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