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Wah yr case same as mine..
So u got it solve?

Hello Leongws,

Based on description chances are the coils and blower is clogged with dirt which is why the cooling efficiency is reduced. As dirt builds up at the blower and coils, air emitted becomes intermittent and sometimes the unit will start to have some sort of a "whooshing" sound as the air is blocked by the dirt during emission. Depending on the actual condition of your unit, a chemical procedure might be necessary.

As it has been 5 years since you had last serviced your unit, now is a good time to contact your contractor to have them do a check and from there they should be able to advise what is the actual fault and if a chemical procedure is really necessary. Otherwise what would be the best way to resolve this.

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Jason Tham
Hi Jason, I have tested my other 2 rooms(seldom turn on) and both are blowing out cold air consistently, unlike my room which i have describe. Therefore, i believe it is as u say that the coils and blower are clogged with dirt which is why the blowing is intermittent & its cooling efficiency is reduced.
So for this case, is it consider a need for chemical cleaning for the unit for my room or a general cleaning will do? Maybe u can PM me what u suggest and also how much it will cost. The aircon is Panasonic brand. Thanks

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