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He is chao stalker...hahah

That time at Edge also he pretend dunno us

Yea lor, at Hilton i grinned at him, he also ignored me. So dao ... or maybe he scared we were not exceptions. He is known for macarons keeper and daokia.

Lol, so the 2 of you become nanny for the nite?

The lobsters available throughout the whole night right? If tats the case, then i dun bother to queue at the start liao.

You feeling okay or not? Tot you trying not to eat until too full?
Nope, claypot did the job. The son sat there eat and sang to himself once a in while haha. I only offered him the lollipops I kapoh from the candy jars

Lobsters seemed to be available whole night yesterday. Around 8 onwards the queue shortened. But not promised for tonight? Maybe what leftover yesterday night is the balance for tonight

Old stomach digestion not good, bo bian. First plate of lobsters already 1/3 full. What to do...I even gave up a super tempting plump oyster after contemplating for sometime

Well, he was holding a plateful of lobsters ...

He legs hands damn fast ... i had to wait til 1 hr+ into the buffet b4 i managed to hook my first lobster

To avoid the need to share with you his food first if got acknowledged as member here

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