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To aunty lucy,

I will like to ask u a few questions.

1. Do u own a Toshiba aircon?

2. I did mentioned blinking is normal for Toshiba, but i didnt mentioned no blinking is spoil.
For Toshiba, if operation light is blinking, it can be normal.

Aircon will not blink for fun. (I am not sure, got to ask the aircon if they will blink for fun... )

I am certainly not a noob, (@ least not to the few ppl here in the forum which i have provided some advice or opinion on aircon matters @ least)

Pls do not come here & stir ****.
This is a place for us to learn from each other on aircon matters.

& if u are uncomfortable with Jason using those normal book shop invoice, then pls do not engage his services.

1) yes I own a Toshiba air con do u got any Toshiba air con ?

2) Toshiba air con Blinking can be cos of air con filter dirty or air con is dirty . noob

3) if u need to help anyone in here , why not u can type this website ( Aircon Service Singapore - The aircon mold control specialist and professional aircon repair services) for them .

I already don't engage maxicoolservices services , cos Jason using not standerd invoice . why u so KPO ???
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