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To Fyero92,

If its using upgraded materials, the price is quite reasonable.
Hi Terumo and all the experts here....

I have a Toshiba Sys 4 for about 10 years and one of the fan coil pcb spoilt with the master bedroom's fan coil not working every now and then...

I am now considering changing the whole system but keeping existing piping, trunking due to concealment....

Have been looking at Mit Starmex
- MXY-4A28VA
- MSY-GE10VA X 3

Have a few quotes and a price from 2011(sis-in-law's home):
1) 2011 Dec - Contractor GC $3719

2) Contractor GC online - $4029

3) Contractor CS online - $4055

Is this price reasonable??

Current contractor servicing my aircon quoted me $4100+ (excluding GST) for 2 X MSY-GE10VA / GE13VA / GE24VA, which i intend to get this confirguration.

=》CS = $4,162
=》GC = $4079

Noob in aircon, so are these prices ok? kena chopped?

The salesgirl of the current contractor said she will try to ask his boss to waive off the GST.

Should I save 100-200 bucks and get from GC(or any other contractors)or spend a bit more and get from my usual servicing agent, of which the same service guy knows my current system in and out and we are very comfortable with him...?

or should i wait till Dec sales and go down to the shops to get new quotes before committing?

Sorry, for long post, noob but dun wanna be chopped esp with 3 kids, every dollar counts now...

Thanks for advice
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