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Im in final year at NTU this year. I will grad in May 2015.

I want to experience life in NZL and explore many stunning landscapes.

I wish to hook up with people interested in this working holiday. Hope we can do it tgt and discuss!

I am foreign to this!

Plz pm thank you!
Hi learit..

Glad to know u are keen to do a WHV in NZ too.. we had a grp of singaporeans that are either waiting or already in NZ for their WHV and u are welcome to join us! I'll probably be going over in jume2015 too and we may even meet there!

Do whatsapp me at nine7861593 and I'll add u into our whatsapp grp! Cheers!

And im recruiting more pple into our grp! Hope to travel together as well.. haha..
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